Kiddikutter Safe Orange Knife

Perfect for little chef hands who wish to lend a helping hand in preparing meals! Children will forever remain curious about the perceived fun grown up things that go about in the cutting. Instead of turning them away, getting them involved in meal preps is a great way of encouraging creativity, building confidence, development of fine motor skills and the interest in food. Designed with rounded serrations, the knife cuts through fruits and vegetables via an easy sawing motion, working those tiny muscles

$ 22.00 SGD
$ 18.70 SGD
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Product Description

Brand: Kiddikutter

Made of food grade safe silicone

100% BPA Free

Kid-friendly knifes come with food-grade nonstick coating and a moulded BPA-free easy grip handle that is designed for kids ages 3 and up.

This is not a toy and adult supervision is required at all times.