Playing is Learning

Our Story

As with most businesses that involve children, Luna Play is inspired by my very own. A child's first mission in life is to play. The very first objected gifted to a baby is more often than not, a toy to entertain and be kept busy. But toys are more than just a tool of distraction. They are a means to entertain, encourage fine motor development, creativity, and most importantly, a way to enter a child's world.

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Luna Play

A child's imagination is boundless

My Philosophy

My personal belief in allowing a child to play, explore and express one's self through play was a clear direction. Toys that my child had did set the stage for play but with simplistic modular wooden toys like bricks and blocks, her imagination was the most vivid. She now incorporates both into her playscape. Known for my quirky ways, I seek to curate unique toys and items of quality from around the globe that enrich the lives of children and adults through play.


For Mother Earth

Whilst acknowledging that plastic will always be a part of our lives, I aim to keep plastic options to a bare minimum. Please do not be surprised if you receive your items in a box that bears another brand's name. It is all part of my 'reuse' initiative. All wrapping and stickers are made from sustainable options as well. For our children.

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